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           Part I - Cryptocurrency


   More and more people use electronic money. It can be non-cash Bank funds, cryptocurrencies or even electronic receipts with a certificate. But the current design means there is a bag of flaws, which is causing serious concern...

  1. Inflation. Money simply depreciates and over time the purchasing power of one unit is lost;

  2. Security. Every year the level of cyber crimes is only growing. First, they hacked Telegraph codes, then banking systems and forged checks, and today they are hacking the blockchain or simply finding weaknesses in the crypto currency; 

  3. Investment and the crisis. Today there are many ways and opportunities where you can invest money and get income. It can be Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Investment ideas, real Estate, Business... But not all so well! The fact is that stocks and cryptocurrencies are falling in price, business is experiencing problems and as a result loss of money and time.

   That is why I decided to create a unique cryptocurrency that has full financial security! This cryptocurrency in its device is protected at the highest level and surpasses the blockchain. Its value will grow in price even if it will be actively sold. There is no need to artificially set a price or attract new people and participants to increase the value of cryptocurrency. In fact, this currency is a stable investment instrument that can be owned by individuals or firms.

   According to the idea of the service, cryptocurrency is a virtual means of payment on the Internet, all payments pass through the Exchange, which is a Guarantor in the payment between the Exchange participants.

   This is a very profitable method of payment as the completed payment will grow in price due to the provision of cryptocurrency! The value of the cryptocurrency varies depending on the growth of its assets and the income is different every time (more in the reports). 

   Why I decided to create a cryptocurrency.

   I am a professional trader, what I sell and what I buy on the Internet. I myself use various cryptocurrencies for calculations. But every year I see a trend that develops not only technologies on the Internet, but also ways how these "technologies" can be circumvented and deceived. Today, many financial pyramids are created on the basis of cryptocurrencies, which do not get their development due to a dead idea and not the solvency of the project. In such projects, the money that is spent on cryptocurrency goes into the pocket of the creators, who later throw the project as they do not get new participants. There were also cases when the exchange itself could not withstand the necessary requirements and fell, well, people lost their crypto-coins.



           Part II - Application


Many people know that classic bitcoin or Ethereum can be exchanged for goods even in a store. But this is not possible because of fear, distrust, or the laws of many countries. In addition, legal entities may not use classical crypto-currencies. There are a lot of restrictions and obstacles on calculations.


What happens if you circumvent these restrictions internationally and create a cryptocurrency hybrid that:

1) Stable;

2) of Course;

3) Legally;

4) more expensive than inflation.

And we get a digital payment method that increases in price for all currencies, because of this, it can be called an investment tool.


There are advantages and bonuses:

1) cryptocurrency is used in countries where there is no legislation for this type of payment;

2) there is no volatility inherent in classic cryptocurrencies.


Today, we are creating an online portal where you can register your store, place products and make transactions with the world's first secure cryptocurrency. There is a possibility of interaction between legal entities or a legal entity and an individual.

We have provided the possibility of transfers, contractual transactions( conditional payments), investment decisions, direct loans, transfers contact.Il it becomes possible to participate in the program of buying a car or home without a loan, without interest on more favorable terms.




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