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   The CriptoGURIN project issues e-Shares in several categories. Each category of e-Shares is issued according to the development step of the Exchange. Each subsequent step includes the cost of the product issued by the Exchange team, which leads to an increase in the cost of e-Shares in each subsequent issue and in the current sale. That is, at the stage of the first issue of e-Shares, the cost may be different depending on the work done. You can track progress in the news group


   All e-shares have the status of security with all the property of the cryptogurin project exchange, are inherited and can be resold (see special conditions for A+ and A categories), entered into the exchange, and acquire the status of tradable. 


   Higher categories of e-shares "A+" and "A"

This is the first category of non-traded e-Shares that have a certificate of registration of the Exchange on paper with a metal seal . Shares in this category are registered with the right to transfer by inheritance on the basis of a notarized will or a court decision. 

e-Shares can be placed on an Exchange in a non-traded sector while maintaining their special status. e-Shares of the highest category from the moment of sale or transfer to a third party (except for the first inheritance) become ordinary e-Shares of category "C". e-Share categories "A+" and "A" is a limited Issuer and sold for a limited amount of time.


"A+" Dividends are 65%* per e-Share of the entire Exchange's profit.

   * from $ 100,000. US 65%


"A" dividend of 45% Per e-Share of the entire Exchange's profit. Participation from 3 250 USD. USA (Not for sale!)

"B" Dividends of 35% per e-Share of the Entire exchange's profit. Participation from $ 100. USA

"C" Dividends of 25% per e-Share of the Entire exchange's profit. Participation from 1 e-Share


   e-Shares "B","C " categories will be available only on the Exchange from the moment of launch of the Exchange.


   The price of all categories of shares (A+, A, B, C) is the same, the difference is only in dividends. 



The price of one share is determined by trading on the stock exchange

(Minimum-estimated cost of at least 21 us dollars)

Applications for the purchase of registered e-promotions are not available !


   Rus +7 901 2 200 200





first inheritance - inheritance, property that first passes from the owner to the heir in full or partial size.

second inheritance - property that was previously inherited in full or in part by will or court decision.

e-Share is a Ticket of the Exchange society, each ticket is a part of the Exchange's property and its assets, the CriptoGURIN project. e-Share is an electronic asset without the right to vote in the company's activities.

An Exchange is an electronic platform where registered trading of valuable assets is carried out in a secure mode using specialized software.

the ticket is an equivalent part of the Exchange community and the right to claim the Exchange's property and assets without time limit.

CriptoGURIN is a financial non-profit intellectual project.

Dividends - the Exchange's paid profit per e-Share.