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Welcome to our Team!


Looking for programmers to work in OS Linux and Windows 

Development of software for servers;
Development of programs for logical algorithms;

To create a floating encryption algorithms;

Development of applications for Android, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, web applications.

Legal representative 

in Germany, great Britain, France, USA and Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

legal entities registration;
Work with banks and transfers, tax services;

Consulting clients, working with documentation.


Media Producer

Work with the promotion of the project through the media, advertising;

Making presentations, speaking to an audience;

Development of scenarios for advertising companies.


Additional training, additional equipment may be provided...
All the necessary conditions for work.


We work as a very friendly and well-coordinated team. We have an atmosphere of complete trust and understanding. Our work is an interesting hobby!


my personal contact


Russian Federation  +7 901 2 200 200